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Legal services for individuals

Litigation representation, out-of-court dispute settlement, finding conciliatory solutions

  • Going to court is always uncertain, costly and time consuming, therefore it is always advisable to seek out of court settlement. When court proceedings are inevitable, it is of great advantage to be represented by a lawyer familiar with the case from the very beginning.

Drawing up and revision of contracts

  • The best prevention of legal problems is always a contract drawn up, or checked by a lawyer. 
  • We will try to dissuade you from signing anything that might do you harm. We will draft your contracts so as to prevent unnecessary disputes in the future. 
  • In case of a lawsuit, you will be represented by an attorney-at-law with in-depth knowledge of the contract, one that had already preemptively considered at creation the weak points of Czech law and justice.


Representation in administrative proceedings

  • Dealing with the authorities tends to be a chore for everyone, therefore entrusting such matters in our hands is certainly a decision not only conducive to timely resolution of matters at stake, but also beneficial to your mental well being.

Labor law

  • Disputes between the employee and the employer are always complicated and taxing for the employee and that is why it is advisable to have a specific plan worked out before commencing negotiations. 

Comprehensive representation in criminal matters

  • Representation in preliminary proceedings and discovery, defense in court, drafting compensation agreements to achieve conditional suspension of criminal proceedings. Victim representtion in criminal proceedings (damage claims, securing the property of the offender, financial assistance from the state).

Real estate law

  • Disposing of or purchasing a real estate asset is always is a substantial decision as well as an critical investment activity, hence due attention should be paid to the execution of such transaction. Be it the drafting of title transfer documentation, or escrow, securing its payout, or ensuring adherence to terms and conditions. In other situations, such as purchase, disposal, or management of legally flawed real estate assets (foreclosure, lien) the presence of a legal counsel is always greatly beneficial.

Legal escrow and other services

  • We also provide legal cash and document escrow services. The scope of these services includes verifying the authenticity of client’s signatures.
  • Notarial services (drafting notarial deeds) can be arranged at our premises without the need to visit a notary separately. Securing expert opinions is also commonplace. 


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